Tributary – August 2020

River Island East Homeowners Association  August 2020

I think my Check Liver light might come on soon.


Hello RIEHOA Members,

Here is the next installment of the Happy Dappy Tributary. Please note I’m smiling while typing.
The Board wants me to tell you for the 47th time, that the ‘Neighborhood Watch’ stickers you should
have received in the mail with your last dues invoice are static clingy so you can put them in your
windows without a gooey mess. I explained that a couple months ago in the Tributary when I thought
we still had a Distribution Fairy on staff, but if your brain is anything like mine the info went in one
eye and out the other. Remember to keep your cars and homes locked up and the stickers in your
windows to discourage burglaries.

The biggest complaints from the membership being heard this month again are that chaos at the pool
persists. I’m going to go over this one more time. Don’t bring glass in any form to the pool area. If
your beverage of choice only comes in glass bottles, pour it into something plastic before you come to
the pool with it. Is that really asking too much? (Oops. I lost my smile there for a second). If any of you
members have kids of any age using the pool, remind them that glass is not ok. Ok? The Board is
planning to have cameras installed so we can pinpoint who the ‘brats’ are. (Oops, lost it again.) This is
harder than it looks…….staying smiley faced.

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