Aesthetic resources and detractors collectively define the aesthetic character of a community and contribute to its “sense of place” and livability.

A RIE Homeowners Association committee has been formed for the benefit of maintaining the aesthetics, livability, beauty, peace and quiet of our community character at River Island East.

Several issues have been brought to our attention and we have combed the most recent adoption of the CC&Rs for points we believe deserve the attention of our community and this committee.  If we have omitted an item anyone feels should be included, or if there is confusion about any item please let one of the committee members know. They are as follows:

Exterior Maintenance

It shall be the responsibility of Members to maintain the exterior of their Lot as follows:

  1. Painting or staining of the exterior of the buildings as needed to keep their Lots from becoming unsightly by reason of deterioration.
  2. Keeping the Lots in an orderly fashion and removing all garbage, trash, rubbish (including rubbish dumped by others) or other unsightly or waste materials including maintenance of any fences, walls, roofs, and landscaping located behind the walls and fences on individually owned Lots.
  3. Maintenance of the original structures erected on the Lots, including glass surfaces.
  4. Maintaining walks, patios, and driveways.
  5. Landscaping any area completely enclosed by a wall, fence or hedge.

Member Maintenance of Balconies

Members shall, at their sole expense, have the duty to maintain, service, waterproof, and repair the floors and interior walls of their balconies and patios.

  1. Clean and Sanitary.  Members shall keep their balconies and patios in a clean and sanitary condition.
  2. Balcony/Patio Doors.  Members shall repair and maintain the balcony and patio doors, door casings, thresholds, flashing, weather stripping, waterproofing, caulking, door guides, and any other related hardware and sealants associated with their balcony or patio doors.
  3. Unsightly Objects.  In no event shall unsightly objects (including, but not limited to laundry, mops, appliances, bicycles, scooters, and children’s toys) be placed or stored on a balcony or patio where they may be seen by other Members or by the public in general.


No Member may cause or permit to be caused anything which constitutes a nuisance.

  1. Unreasonableness.  To constitute a nuisance, the activity must be such that it causes an unreasonable disturbance or annoyance, be unreasonably injurious to health, be indecent, or be unreasonably detrimental to persons or property.
  2. Disruption of Quiet Enjoyment. No loud music from homes or vehicles, barking dogs, or verbal abuse.
  3. Signs.  No sign, poster, banner, notice, nameplate, card or advertisement of any kind may be displayed to the public view on or from any Lot or in or on any Common Area, except as allowed by law. Owners may display one sign which is of reasonable dimension and design, advertising that the property is for sale or lease, as allowed by law and subject to any restriction in the Rules and Regulations.
  4. Window Coverings.  Appropriate window coverings must be installed on windows at all times. The color of such window coverings shall be in harmony with the exterior of the structure. No window may be covered by paint, aluminum foil, newspapers, bed sheets, cardboard, blankets, or other similar items.
  5. Machinery and Equipment.  No machinery or equipment of any kind shall be placed, operated or maintained upon or adjacent to any Lot except such machinery or equipment as is usual and customary in connection with the use, maintenance or construction of a private residence. Any materials the Member feels is needed shall be stored in the garage. Machinery and equipment are allowed for a short time during new construction only.
  6. Sanitary Conditions.  Members shall maintain their Lots and all improvements in a clean and sanitary condition and not allow rubbish or debris of any kind to accumulate.
  7. Storage.  No Lot shall at any time be used for open air storage of building materials, vehicles, implements, tools, furniture, landscaping materials or equipment, irrigation pipes or apparatus, junk, trash or any other things whatsoever; provided however, that building and landscaping materials, or equipment may be placed and maintained on building sites as provided for in the Architectural Standards.
  8. Trash Containers.  Every outdoor receptacle for trash, rubbish or garbage shall be placed, screened, and kept as provided for in the Association’s Rules and Regulations.

Members with renters

Please remember to share these topic points with your renters so there is no inadvertent infraction of our policies.  We will provide extra copies of this document for any member who asks.

Thank you,
Aesthetics and Livability Committee