Tributary – July 2020

River Island East Homeowners Association July 2020

“Of all the things I learned in grade school, trying to avoid cooties was the last one I expected to use”

It has been suggested, from more than one source btw, that perhaps I should turn over a new leaf, try being a little more upbeat, a little more positive when reminding folks about the parameters of conduct in our community, outlined by the CC&Rs and Rules & Regs. I speak 3 languages: English, Sarcasm and Profanity so this will be hard for me but since I’m an intelligent, classy, well educated woman who curses a lot, I plan to give it a go. So……. Welcome to the all new Happy Dappy Tributary!

Let’s start skipping down this Yellow Brick Road with how to maintain our happy houses and lots. I would like to add here that there are a lot of “no’s ” and “shall nots” in the CC&Rs so I’m working at a happy disadvantage right off the bat. Please remember that I did not write any of these guiding documents nor did the Board members. They are legal documents written years ago by a team of lawyers and if we want to change any of them it will require hiring another team of lawyers. Much less expensive to just follow the rules as written. Thank you.

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