2021 Annual Meeting

Dear RIE Homeowners,
What a year 2020 has been. Last year our annual meeting was held just weeks before the worldwide pandemic hit California. This pandemic required us to have our monthly board of directors’ meetings through ZOOM and it will continue to change how we meet for 2021. As we discussed to schedule the Annual Meeting, we decided it was best to wait to schedule the meeting and determine how we can meet in 2021. We hope things will get better and we will be able to meet face to face but until then there are two big changes effective January 1st. Please take a few minutes to go through the packet and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Rita. For those for you requesting to have the packet mailed, you will receive it soon.

Upcoming changes:
• January 1st there will be a $3 increase to your monthly HOA dues. While it seems everything in the world keeps costing more, thanks to the efforts of your board of directors our dues haven’t changed for many years. Nevertheless, our financial reserve consultant has finally prevailed and convinced us that we will need this small increase to keep pace with our duty to remain fiscally strong.
o Developed Homes: $282.00
o Undeveloped Lots: $217.00
o Homes outside community sewer: $85.00

• January 1st the association will be moving to a new financial service provider. The staff at Marty Lalanne, CPA has been good for us: helped keep our books straight, financial information useful, and assisted our board of directors in the financial management of River Island East HOA. However, tasks requiring the time and energy of volunteer board members has grown to an untenable magnitude, so we looked for smarter ways to tackle our various challenges. We located a new provider ‘COMMUNITY FINANCIALS, INC.’ with the assistance of the Educational Community for Homeowners (ECHO), the professional association for homeowner associations in California.
o Look for instructions and information about Community Financials – coming soon from RIE.

Enclosed in the packet is:
• Proxy Form (form that requires signature of Annual Packet if unable to attend the meeting).
• 2021 Budget Disclosures
• 2021 Projected Budget
• 2020 Annual Reserve Study & Disclosure Summary
• Certification of Liability Insurance
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Assessment Collection Policy
• Notice and Application for Board of Directors – 3 positions will be up for term
• Gate/Emergency Form – Please fill out to make sure Rita has your current contact information

CLICK HERE to view Annual Meeting Documents