Home Owner’s Association payments can be submitted in various options:

Using your Personal Bank’s Online Bill Pay System:

Your bank will mail a check for your payment.

make payable to: River Island East HOA with the new account number and remittance address:

c/o HOA Remittance Processing

PO Box 11159

San Jose, CA 95103-1159

Note that your account number has changed. Please DO NOT just edit the payment by

changing the address. This could cause your payment to be mis-routed (lost) or returned

to you.

Your new account number is found in the top right hand corner of your statement or coupon book from Community Financials.

Payment by Check or Money Order:

Payment mailed by personal check or money order to new remittance address on statement.

Mail your payment remittance stub and check, River Island East HOA.

Address it to River Island East HOA and to the remittance address:

PO Box 11159

San Jose, CA 95103-1159

Link to access your Portal for viewing Statements, Documents & Payment processing

Association ID & Client ID: 3419 in Both areas when you first register on site

Portal Site Community Financials

Link to process payments on new site:

The Portal will allow residents to submit payments via your checking account number with routing number and also Debit & Credit card.  There is a service charge to use Debit or Credit so review on how you would like to process.