Tributary – October 2020

River Island East Homeowners Association October 2020

Just ‘cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town. (George Carlin)

Monkey see, monkey do
Seems like everybody is parking on the street again!! Ok, maybe not everybody but it seems
like it when you drive through either one of our gates. Is it a monkey see, monkey do
phenomenon? The CC& Rs have not changed. The Rules & Regs have not changed. There is still
no street parking allowed. Every resident should have 2 parking spaces in their garage and 2 in
the driveway available. Any guests should be parking in the guest parking lots located around
the neighborhood. Please try to cooperate. And tell your guests they don’t get to park in the
street either.

I guess a refresher course highlighting some of the most commonly abused Rules is a good
idea. Poor abused Rules.

TRASH CONTAINERS. All trash containers shall be hidden from sight either in a garage or
behind an approved fence enclosure.

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