Tributary – November 2020


River Island East Homeowners Association November 2020

We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work. – Thomas A. Edison

Roberto Silva of Silva’s Landscaping says, My guys love working here! It’s so beautiful and the people are nice. I agree! Thank you.

There is one small thing though: cigarette butts….. in the streets and gutters. We don’t know who, it could be someone from outside the gates walking their dogs. But if it’s you or one of your guests, please carry a soda can with you when you’re out smoking in the community and haul your butts on home. The community is not your ashtray.

With riparian country living, we get serenity, wildlife, trees, wildlife, clean air (when there are no fires), and more wildlife. Remember bears sitting on our steps and pooping in the intersections? Nearly everybody has had gopher holes in the lawns and don’t get me started on the cacophony of brown squirrels, not the fluffy gray ones, they’re cute. People with views of the 15th fairway have been blessed with scenes of frolicking deer lately, frolicking, literally frolicking, playing with each other. Way cute!

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