Tributary – February 2024

Hellooooo, it has been awhile. With the holidays over it is time to get back to business!
For all of you hot weather lovers, I’m sorry, but I really love wintertime here at River Island East. I
love the cold crisp mornings, pure and clean winter air. I love the shorter days which allow us to slow
down, do a little less and just be lazy for a bit. Remember; ” No Winter lasts forever; no Spring skips
its turn.”

So on to what is to come:
● RIEHOA ANNUAL MEETING ~ Sunday, February 25th, 2:00 pm

Since the Country Club is not yet available, our President has acquired the use of the upstairs at Poor
Richard’s in Springville. If you are not able to “do” stairs, please drive up and around to the back of
the building, there is an entrance there that you will be able to use.

Guy Huffaker will be speaking about where everything stands with our leach line. Spoiler; there are
many problems, one after another, but there will be a solution, eventually, and we WILL get through
this. If you run into Guy, please stop and thank him. I am sure he is losing sleep over this and I am
also sure it is the first thing that comes to mind when his feet hit the floor in the morning. We, as a
community would literally be in deep doo doo, without his expertise and willingness to take this on!!!!!!

Some of you feel like this meeting is not something you want to spend your afternoon doing, (hint:
none of us do!) however, you really should be there. This responsibility is all of ours, not just a handful
AND if you absolutely cannot make it, please make sure you have given a neighbor your proxy to
vote. We must have a quorum so if necessary, we will be knocking on doors. Please don’t place that
burden on us. As you all know, there is enough going on without this extra footwork. Rita will have
those available at the Epicenter.

There are 2 positions available on the board this year, (Joanie Carlisle is willing to stay on and see
the completion of our leach line through to fruition) so if you are interested, you can pick up an
application from Rita. We really, REALLY need someone with accounting/banking experience,
knowledge of budgets to join us. Holly is doing her very best, but she would LOVE to step down from
being the Treasurer and back into her position as Secretary.

Hope to see you at Poor Richards,

Dana Branch, V.P. RIEHOA

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