Summer Tributary 2023

RIE Community,

WOW. What a beautiful June we have had here at River Island East. Summer wouldn’t be so bad if it was like
that all season. It was amazing while it lasted. So, now that pool weather has hit us like a ton of bricks.
Remember these pool rules…
● No pets or glass allowed.
● Leave the pool area clean…AKA clean up after yourself.
● The Lifesaving Ring- this is not a toy, so don’t play with it.
● If you are 2 months behind with your HOA dues, you WILL lose your pool privileges.

We are STILL transitioning everything over to Marty Lalanne, CPA, and it is not easy. But it IS time to change
where your dues go. If you use online banking make sure your financial institution has the new address and if
you are old school (like me) you should have received some stickers to cover up the old address on your
coupons. This change happens now. If your payment is late, you WILL get a late fee. The correct address is:

Heritage Bank of Commerce
c/o HOA Remittance Processing
PO Box 11014
San Jose, CA 95103-1159

Del Oro Water Company has sent out letters stating that we are back to Stage 2 restrictions: We are allowed
to water three (3) days a week. Houses with even numbered addresses may water on Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays. Houses with odd numbered addresses water on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
With the closing of the golf course we are concerned about the Redwood trees on the hillside below the homes
on the west end of Greene Drive. They will not be getting any water so if those trees are below your homes,
maybe think about running a hose for a bit so that they can have a drink.

I am dreadfully aware of how “dry” this edition of The Tributary is turning out. No explanation except that I may
have a touch of something caused by a bite from some”THING” whether it was a West Nile mosquito or a
bacteria carrying tick, who knows, but be careful of these blood sucking bugs. They are everywhere!
Summer- It is a season that embraces the art of slowing down; the art of lounging. Having said this, please
remember to drive slower as well. We have more children, pets, and infant turkeys than ever before, so SLOW YOUR ROLL!!!

Dana Branch
RIEHOA Tributary Editor


Board of Directors Information
● Next Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday, July 25th at 5:00 PM

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