September 2017


River Island East Home Owners Association    Sept 2017

The real secret:  If you haven’t grown up by this age, you don’t have to

 Arachnophobia  Our actively active arachnids in the neighborhood are starting to make us look a little tacky/sloppy/dirty. Here’s how to attack the arachnid cobwebs on your deck ceilings:  First, you need a “webster”. While wondering about that, I asked what it looked like and was told, “it looks like your hair on the end of a stick.” Ha! So if you don’t know me and my hair, just find at a hardware store, something bristly and uncontrollable on a long stick. It will remove the cobwebs from your deck ceilings quite easily.

Halloweeny is around the corner and we have just the remedy for you and your life. No matter how serious your life requires you to be, everyone needs a friend to act goofy with now and then. Try that goofy business with your friends during Halloweeny at the West Gate. October 31st, 5:00. Be there or be square. BYO: chairs, drinks, any pupus you like to share (optional), costumes (optional), sense of humor (mandated). Candy drop off sites: Horace Wells, Vicki Brown, Kathy Maxwell or Jane Drumright. Thank you all.

RIE HOA has new management help, and oh, what welcome help it is! Epicenter Management. Here are some of the services they will be providing for us.

  • Day-to-day responsibilities of association operations, board and committee support.
  • Gate Maintenances and Management: Update, Activate and Deactivate codes.
  • They’ll keep our members engaged and informed via print, email and social media.
  • Database and website maintenance.
  • They’ll develop membership publications, meeting materials, and website design and management.
  • Respond to resident’s questions, comments and complaints

Our contact person there is Rita Franco. She’s your new best friend. The phone number is 559-793-2685.  Put this number on your refrigerator. You’ll be calling Rita with your questions and complaints, she’ll get it to the right person.


Next BoD meeting is scheduled for Oct 10, 2017, 32462 River Island Ln

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