September 2016


River Island East Home Owners Association September 2016

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From your Social Committee

Get out your witch hats and yard chairs, we are having Halloweeny at the West Gate again this year. Because we are a gated community, trick-or-treaters cannot show up at our front doors. As always, it will be held on October 31st. DOH, thank you Homer! If that’s difficult to remember, look at your calendar. Show up on the date with the big orange pumpkin. We will all meet just outside the West Gate at 430. It’s a great opportunity to gather, pass out (no, not that kind of pass out! Get a hold of yourself) candy as well as having a little fun. We ask each family to donate a bag of candy to either Vicki Brown’s (32573Greene Dr) or Kathy Maxwell’s (32740 Greene Dr) front door on or before October 31st dressed in costume or not. Chili and cornbread will be provided; bring any food item you’d like or just stop by and join the silliness. Tell your neighbors. BYOC&D (Chair &Drinks). Now behave! The kids are watching.

Reminders from the Pool Committee

Our pool and other common areas are private property reserved for use by Members and tenants only. Guests are permitted only when accompanied by an owner or tenant. All unauthorized persons shall be asked to immediately vacate the premises.

The pool will be closed for the season October 1st; services will be reduced, umbrellas put away, etc. Repair work at the pool from the damage done by the car accident (it still seems so weird to say that) will occur in October.

Upgrades at the gate call boxes

Here’s a reminder regarding our gate call boxes. If you have a clickie or a twanger or have memorized your code, you’re in good shape. Others whom you want to allow in can spell your last name using the alphabet keys on the touch pad. Your phone will ring, they can announce who they are, then you touch 9 on your telephone and the gate will open. Magically, they’re in. You can try the “Open Sesame” routine but it hasn’t been working for me so I’d recommend giving Kathy Slechta your phone # so she can set it up on the computer system. And YES, cell phone numbers can be used now!!! Even more than one. We are getting so progressive my head is spinning!

Next BoD meeting 2PM, Tues October 11, 2016 @ 32462 River Island Ln Editor: kathy mahoney …….

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