October 2019

River Island East Homeowners Association http://riehoa.com October 2019

If I ever go missing, I’d like my photo put on wine bottles instead of milk cartons. That way my friends will know to go look for me.

The pool is closing November 1st. Big sigh! A less vigorous maintenance schedule by Cornerstone and Maintenance Co. will be implemented. Chairs and umbrellas will be put away. A skeleton crew of chairs and tables will be left out for the ”downed flier”. I used to spend the summer with friends at their very remote cabin in Mineral King. At the end of the
summer as we packed up to come home, we always left a few non perishable food items there for the “downed flier”. On the outside chance a barn stormer got off track and crashed nearby, s/he’d need sustenance while recuperating and gaining strength to walk out for help. What
great memories we had growing up in the San Joaquin Valley. Gorgeous mountains to the east, Pacific Ocean to the west. I didn’t realize how lucky I was at the time.

What d’ya think of the new paving at the main gate? It’s pretty and not the head banging gauntlet it used to be. My neck thanks you. I can finally drive thru without my “C” collar for protection.

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