October 2017

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If you want something from me, you gotta ask nice.”
(Jack Nicholson to Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men)

Roberto Silva’s Landscape people are doing their best to keep up with the demands of our collective and individual landscaping needs. They are here to mow, blow and fertilize our individual parcels and not much more. They are all very nice and want to be helpful. If you ask them nicely for a favor they often will help as long the request is minor do-able.

Some of us have been getting a little grumpy with them when our yard doesn’t look exactly like we want it to. So I’m going to make two recommendations to people who are not thrilled over the status of their landscape from time to time. 1) hire your own landscape people to do extras in your yard, like many of your neighbors 2) if you request extra work from our guys, take off your grumpypants and ask nice. These men are very reasonable and we don’t want to run them off leaving the necessity to find a new crew at a much higher price. Be Kind to Your Web Footed Friends, for a duck may be somebody’s mother. Be kind to your friends in the swamp where the weather is very very damp.
It is also the time of the year for “over seeding” of our lawns to occur. It’s a process where the lawns will be cut very short (giving the appearance of dead grass for a while). It’s temporary! Try to stay calm and sit it out; it’ll be good. You’ll be happy. Promise.

Gate Codes
We will all be receiving a letter or email indicating the usage of our gate code for access to the Association. It will be activity used with your gate code specifically. Take a look at it to determine if you think it is being over used. I dare say, most of our residents go to bed fairly early and any use of your code late at night, for example, might indicate to you that some unauthorized user(s) may have gotten hold of your code. If you let the Board know, they can disable your code and issue you a new one.

Remember Halloweeny at the West Gate Halloween night. Keep your eyes peeled for a flyer on the bulletin boards or email. The troops are rallying at 4:00 pm to do the set up for candy give away later in the evening. Bring chairs, drinks, munchies to share, all
optional. Having fun, being silly……mandatory! See you there!

Next Board Meeting: November 14, 2017 @ 32462 River Island Lane
editor: kathymahoney…….kathy@goodimpressions.org

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