October 2016



River Island East Home Owners Association October 2016

“No matter how serious your life requires you to be, everyone needs a friend to act goofy with.”

Try that goofy business with your friends during Halloweeny at the west gate. October 31st 4:30. Be there or be square. BYO: chairs, drinks, any pupus you like to share (optional), costumes (optional), sense of humor (mandated). Candy drop off sites: Vicki Brown’s, Kathy Maxwell’s or Jane Drumright’s.


Let me be the first to step up here admitting my own idiocy (don’t understand why that condition progresses in a bad way with each passing year) in the last Tributary regarding our gate key pads. Ignore everything I said about spelling the last name of your intended host. We have upgraded key pads since I last looked at them and guess what, there is no alphabet! Ha!! Sorry I confused you. Here is the new “skinny” on the new key pads:
All last names are listed alphabetically. Guests can use the up or down arrows to scroll to the intended host (you), then push the call button at the bottom. The phone will ring at your home or cell phone (whichever number you provided to Kathy Slechta). When y’all answer, guests can mention who they are and what they want, i.e. “UPS package for delivery”. Or
“This is your mother, let me in!” If you choose to open the gate after you know who it is, Push #9 on your phone. That cues the squirrels to start running the wheel and get the gate open. BTW, if you want your code changed, see Kathy Slechta. Access codes can be disabled at any time that there are problem uses.

The Pool was closed Oct 1st.  Someone with a pool key is unlocking the pool gate and leaving it propped open so his friends, who are not tenants, can trespass into our pool area. Be careful, the eye in the sky sees all.

CC&Rs Signs
Article 7.18 (I know it’s killin’ some of you not to be able to post your political ideology in your yards, but… no can do.) No sign, poster, flag, banner, notice, name plate, card or advertisement of any kind may be displayed to the public view. Besides, the rest of us don’t really care who/what you’re voting for.

Next BoD meeting 2PM, Tues Nov 8, 2016 @ 32462 River Island Ln 

editor: kathy mahoney ……. kathy@goodimpressions.org


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