November 2017

River Island East Home Owners Association Nov. 2017

“The capacity for friendship is God’s way of apologizing for our families” (Jay McInerney)

Social Activities
This year’s Christmas Golf Cart Parade is on Sunday, December 10th. The parade will start at 5:00pm. Staging area is at the East End of Greene Dr. Be there by 4:30pm. The parade will go around the neighborhood then through the west gate all the way to the end of Country Club Drive, then back to the Golf Course parking area where we will stop for some refreshments (BYOB) then back around the neighborhood once more. So light up your carts and join the fun!

Regarding the parade and other social activities like Halloween at the Gate and the Pool Party each year are all spectacular, fun events and whole heartedly endorsed by the Board….. but not organized, managed or directed by the Board. The Board’s responsibilities are to manage the affairs of the Association, and enforce the governing documents. Before, during and after the social events y’all need to find volunteers among yourselves to organize and implement the events. Ok, so see ya there!😊

Rats and Dog Poop
Dog poop speaks for itself. Paleeeze!

The pool house has had some serious rat damage in the equipment room. Walls and ceiling have been damaged by moisture as well. A major spiffing up is necessary and about to begin while we’re in the off-season.

Take care where you place any solar lighting devices. Please don’t place them in the grass where the lawnmowers will hit them. Off to the side of the grass is the correct placement.

Please let your renters use your gate code temporarily until their Gate Access Form has been submitted to the Board. The form is available on our website If the form is not submitted in a timely manner, your gate code may become disabled.

See y’all December 10th, 4:30 PM at East End of Greene Dr. for the Cart Parade. It was a blast and a half last year with everyone vowing to “go all out next year” which is, by my calculations right now.

Next Board Meeting: December 12th @ 32462 River Island Lane
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