November 2016


River Island East Home Owners Association November 2016

When the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will know peace. (Jimmy Hendrix) 

“Vampires, mummies and the Holy Ghost. These are the things that terrify me the most.” (Jimmy Buffet 1994) Terrifying night and best turn out ever at the West Gate Halloween Night. Fab food. Best adult costume had to be Vicki’s Holstein and that’s just all I’m gonna say about that. Horace’s golf cart was a portable haunted house. Kathy M’s very scary witch did her very scary thing at the candy table. A grand hoot was had by all. 

Dig out your cart xmas decorations ‘cuz Horace Wells, Kathy Slechta, and Carmen Freeland are suggesting a holiday golf cart parade December 17th or 18th. We can parade around the neighborhood, down to the clubhouse and beyond to Jimmy’s house on RI Drive. Perhaps stops at selected homes for holiday toddies??? Can’t wait to see what they cook up.

Here come da judge, here come da judge.” Remember Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In? I watched some old reruns recently and nearly broke my arm falling off the chair. Those nut jobs had the funnest job in television. Our own judge is coming soon and nobody’s laughing. For you who are delinquent paying your dues, you have received demand letters which you have ignored; now you are being sued by the Association in small claims court. What is the deal? The rest of us are paying our dues; pay your damn dues! You will be charged the dues in arrears plus legal & court fees. One way to head this off would be to pay your dues!!! All of them!!! Now!!! 

The Board of Directors is planning the BIG Annual Meeting which will be held in Feb or March this year. Watch this space for final date. The BIG packets to members will be arriving in snail mail with Budgets, Forms for nominating new Board Members, Proxy notices if you can’t make the meeting, all other relevant b.s. regarding the management of the Association for the year 2017. Aaghhh! Is it really 2017?

Next BoD meeting 2PM, WEDNESDAY Dec 7, 2016 @ 32462 River Island Ln

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