NOTICE: Street Repairs & Resurfacing Project


Street Repairs & Resurfacing Project

The Street repairs and resurfacing project will start on May 11th thru 13th, asphalt removal, replacement, and overlays, at various areas. On May 31st thru June 2nd the Asphalt Sealing of all areas.  The dates were chosen to allow for the Landscaping service & Waste Management to access roads at end of the week.  Landscaping will be working with the schedule to accommodate services as needed.

This will impact all homeowners in one way or another.  This notice should give you ample time to reschedule any vendors or projects that might require access to our streets or to your home.  The vendor will provide us with guidelines to follow prior to performing this project.  Look for updated information in the next few weeks.

We have requested that they be cognizant of residents in order to ensure there are ways to access homes during the different stages of this project.  In some cases, parking outside the community or in areas where the project isn’t being performed during these days will be required.

Here’s a map of the removal, replacement, and overlay sections that will start on May 11th thru 13th. Website link:

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