May 2019

River Island East Homeowners Association May 2019

I hate it when random men try to talk to me. I don’t care if you want me to know “how fast I was going” or need my “license and registration” get lost, sicko! (Lily Arnpriester)

No ifs, ands or butts!   Paleeeze! In the ‘Western Woodlands’, cigarette butts are accumulating on the ground, among the leaf litter. We don’t know who you are yet, but please stop using the neighborhood as your ashtray. If you must smoke, take your butts home and dispose of them properly. It ruins a beautiful walk through the trees, not to mention the risk of fire. I’m talking about the wooded area at the West Gate. If you see anybody smoking in that area, please tell us (Rita 793-2685) so we can ask them to stop doing that.        Thank you very much…..Smokey the Bear

New signage at the gates. Keep your eyes 👀 peeled.  Old faded signs will be replaced throughout the community with our signature blue color as well as be more succinctly informative. We’ll be prettier and smarter.

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