May 2017


River Island East Home Owners Association May 2017

Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.   (George Carlin)

Boom Boom Boom! A few disturbances have been reported, mostly on Montgomery Drive. Apparently vehicle(s) going thru the main gate around 10 or 11 at night are “sharing” their taste in music with our residents who are hoping for a little peace and quiet to sleep. The driving skills of these rogue vehicles is reckless and fast, causing more consternation. Please, if this is you or somebody you know, please show a modicum of concern for the rest of the people in this development, slow down and play your music after you’re out of range. How would you like us to hold you down and make you listen to ‘40s music every night? Huh? Torture! Ha!

Speaking of the gates, the Board has noticed, that some of the Gate Codes are being over used. This usually happens when a code gets in the hands of someone who doesn’t live here and people are entering the development illegally. It’s a concern so some gate codes will be disabled and granted anew.

The Spring event at the POOL was a hit; thank yous are due to Vicki Brown for organizing, to Steve Brown for competitive “Corn Hole” event. Is that really the name of that game? I no like.  Pat & Tony Martinez donated tons of fabu pizza and salad again. If you haven’t tried Tony’s Pizza in P’ville next to Town and Country market, do so. It gets rave reviews. The potluck dishes were also yummy, dips, salads, desserts…Thank you to all who donated and assisted. I noticed a lot of Cookie Monsters this year and my husband wasn’t even there.

Water Aerobics Splashers began their first meeting in the pool last Friday. The plan is to meet every Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 in the pool and splash around together. It was a hoot and we had fun and got a few muscles exercised in a good way. Our jaws were already well developed but we exercised them as well.

Let me clearly define what this is and is not. This is not a class sponsored by the HOA. This is me (km) getting in the pool at 9am and doing exercises for strength and health while rocking out to some fun music.  Any HOA member who would like to get in the pool to exercise and laugh at the same time, is fine with me. I have some caveats regarding dates in the next week or two. I’ll be there 5/30. Out of town 6/2. Gone 6/6. Back at it 6/9. After that, it should be pretty smooth sailing thru the calendar.

Next BoD meeting is scheduled for June 13, 2017, 32462 River Island Ln.

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