May 2016


River Island East Home Owners Association May 2016

Don’t mistake your opinions for the truth. (Eckhart Tolle)

Don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a little summer Jimmy Buffet 1981. (OMG, has it really been that long ago?)

“The weather was here, wish you were beautiful”. The Wing-Ding at the pool was fun. Appetizers were scrumptious, wine was mellow, faces were smiley. We’re a bunch of cowards though, I saw not one, well maybe one speedo or one bikini. Cowards all, don’t deny it. Not that I blame anybody. Nobody really wants to see it any more, do they? Thank you Vicki Brown. Big smiley face on a sun here and the gratitude of a community to you.

Excuse me, excuse me, could you let me outta here?” The new fence at the west gate is in progress by Chiapa Welding. It looks safer and nicer and classier than the cowboy corral look we’ve had going down there. This should make it more difficult for crooks who need a new TV or gaming station, or dinette set, or patio furniture…..whatever, it will be more difficult to lift the booty over a 5ft fence. There will be a secret gate for all you dog walkers and joggers to get through.

I’d like to have a discussion about the role of the Board of Directors in this organization. Nowhere in the CC&Rs does it say anything about Board members doing labor on your property or on demand. Your Board members are knocking themselves out to keep the Association running smoothly, the place looks good, and their work is all volunteer so your irrigation problems, your wish to have special privileges, your fear of wild life, your need to have cobwebs removed or your house painted is inappropriately placed at the feet of individual Board members. They don’t even have coon skin caps and they’re not your parents. So put on your big kid undies and find your own handymen for repairs. They are also not the accountants so if you have questions regarding your dues, contact Marty Lalanne where you send your dues check every month, not the Board.

Here’s a thought, let’s put together a list of recommended names and phone #s of handy people we can post on the bulletin boards and share with one another. If you’ve had good luck with someone who helped you, send that name and number to any Board member or me. We’ll get the list typed up and posted. We don’t know what your real estate agent told you about us, but if they gave you the impression that you wouldn’t have to lift a finger to maintain your own property, they were wrong!

Next BoD meeting 2PM, Tues June 14, 2016 @ 32462 River Island Ln

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