June 2018

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We are what we don’t throw away. (Anonymous)

Splashy Splashy (Eddie Izzard – stand up)

San Joaquin Valley scorching weather has arrived along with the wish to cool off in the swimming pool. It’s beautiful down there and I am so grateful to have it. The only problem is… other people who don’t live here are showing up with the same interest in cooling off. Don’t know where they got the idea that they could trespass and use our pool. The pool is for members only. Do not give out your gate code to anyone. Our new program allows us to see which gate codes are being over used along with the ability to disable them.

Our friends and outside family are welcome to use our pool with us only if we (members)accompany them to the pool area and stay with them for the entire length of their stay. At that point, they would be your guests and you would be responsible for any damage that occurs.

Our dues are being used to maintain and keep the pool and surrounding area clean, safe and happy. It is for members only.

We know of at least two adults driving in big SUVs full of kids helping themselves to our pool. Not to mention the liability exposure. Egad! Can you see that now? Non-residents trespass into our community, use our pool, get hurt and sue us. Makes me shudder, and it makes me angry. Let’s put an end to this feckless practice of providing gate codes to outsiders.

Additionally, you owners with renters need to pass on these cautions to your renters please or you could end up being liable. Thank you all.

Giddy up

I know I’ve said this so many times my head is spinning off its nail, but here I go again. There is still no street parking anywhere in our neighborhood. I know it creates extra steps from your car to the front door sometimes. You have two legs. That’s what they’re for. Here’s how it works: put one foot forward, shift your weight to the forward foot, bring your back leg forward, shift your weight to that foot and so on. Repeat until you reach the door. After that it’s up to you how to motate thru the house, Little Egypt. Crawl on your belly like a reptile if you like.

The guest parking areas are exactly that: areas for guests to park their cars while visiting you. They are not intended for residents to use on a regular basis. If you have a special friend/s living in your house, they are not considered guests with guest parking privileges. Every vehicle must be parked in your garage or your driveway. And here’s the Catch 22 from the CC&Rs. “I can’t fit my car into the garage” is not an excuse. Your store room, sometimes referred to as a garage, must be kept empty enough to house two cars, (also in the CC&Rs). That’s not going to be a problem unless you start parking your cars where they are not supposed to be, like guest parking spots or in the street because you won’t clean out your junk.

Select committee members have been sent around the community to assess compliance with the CC&Rs. Therefore, a barrage of letters are in the mail if you or your renters are out of compliance. Two main infractions keep occurring: Pool Use and Parking problems. If you flogged that brain cell before reading you may have been able to glean that info while reading this newsletter.

Landowners, please tell your renters.

Compliance letters will be sent, meetings convened and fines levied.

So there! (Lily Tomlin as Edith Anne on SNL)


Next BoD meeting Tuesday, July 10, 2018 in the same ol’ place 32462 River Island Lane, 2:00pm

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