June 2017


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I remember being able to get up without sound effects. (Good Times)

The rain giveth and the rain taketh away.

Watch your step, there are alligators everywhere here in Everglades West, along with cracks and crevices in the road. Apparently all the lovely rain this winter has caused some erosion damage to our streets. Just when we thought it was so nice to have Success Lake full and nobody saying the “D” word out loud (drought) any more. And the biggest pretense of all; envisioning myself up on water skis again every time I drive by the lake. Bottom line here is that we will be facing some sort of street repair soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Hair cuts, new suits and corsages.

We are looking so tidy and upscale on our way to the prom. Many of our trees got haircuts recently. Next time tree trimming happens, we will give y’all a heads up so requests can be submitted for your personal trees in advance. Just as a reminder, any trees growing on the common areas will be trimmed as an HOA expense. Any trees growing on your personal property, will need your $$$ to be trimmed.

CC&Rs Article 3i: Members must keep the trees on their Lots properly pruned. No living tree having a height of ten (10) feet or more shall be destroyed or removed from any Lot without the express written consent of the Architectural Committee. Individual Members and not the Association shall be responsible for any damage caused by the trees and shrubs on their Lots.

Water Aerobics is becoming a big, fat, fun splash in the pool Mondays (new) and Fridays @ 9:00 with great friends, great music, and great silliness abounding. We’re having fun! All members are invited to join in.

Next BoD meeting is scheduled for July 18, 2017, 32462 River Island Ln.

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