July 2016


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Excuse me, excuse me could you get me outta here?!!!

Look what dropped in for a swim last Thursday!  Even the inanimate objects need refreshing in this heat. Because we are all aware that exciting events in Springville are rare, a peanut gallery of local spectators (us) entertained them/ourselves Friday afternoon watching a crane pull the car up out of the water. And came to the conclusion that we definitely need to post a new rule. New Rule: Absolutely NO driving in the pool!!! Sheesh!

We are still compiling a list of Handy Helpers for house hold projects that we are too tired, too lazy, too old, or too addlepated to take on ourselves. (Sometimes all those categories apply… not naming any names.) Please send to any Board Member the names and phone numbers of people you’ve used that when they drove away you were happy. We’ll post on the BBs. I’ll give you a couple names right now: Brady Landis 559-359-2128 is our go-to guy every time. When he’s unavailable we use Jack McArthur 559-359-1148, also great. Our caveat is that we are not guaranteeing their work, credentials, licenses or bonds. That will all be between you and them. That’s what the phone number’s for. We’re just saying that we were smiling when they drove away.

Some Gate Codes have been changed recently. The realtor gate code had a million people using it to gain access so that’s no longer valid. If you live in here (owner or renter) ask Kathy Slechta (kathy@riehoa.com) for your own gate code. If you don’t live in here, forgetaboutit! People who don’t live here don’t get to swim or breathe here without being accompanied by a resident. Dictionary.com defines ‘resident’ as someone who resides in a place, not wants to swim or knock around in a place. Big difference.

Irrigation challenges are showing their ‘ugly’ heads all over the community. Shuman Landscaping is in charge of keeping our lawns and yards looking nice. That means they have to have control of our sprinkler systems. We cannot be allowed to turn our system off to lower our water bills. We all moved into this community with the promise that our neighbors are not going to let their yards and plants fall into shanty town ruination. If you want your property to look like h*ll, move to Porterville and do whatever you want with it. That isn’t how we do it here. Shuman has reported another lawn issue; a new BIG dog has been pooping in your neighbors’ yards. Stop that! You know who you are.

A new copy of the Rules and Regulations has been completed and is on the website for your perusal. Go take a peek. www.riehoa.com, and remember: Ignorance of the Rules/ Regs is not an argument for non-compliance. You will receive letters and fines if your property is out of compliance whether you are aware of it or not.

Next BoD meeting 2PM, Tues August 9, 2016 @ 32462 River Island Ln editor: kathy mahoney ……. kathy@goodimpressions.org

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