January 2018

River Island East Home Owners Association http://riehoa.com January 2018

Do the good that’s in front of you, even if it feels really small. (Sharon Salzberg)

River Island Country Club 2:00
Snacks provided Cocktails YoYo. (NOT!)

You have received your meeting packets via Snail Mail . Please give them a cursory glance, at least. We have good breaking news. Y’all really need to show up, but if it’s impossible to do, dig out the PROXY form from the packet, sign it, send it, or hand it to a Board member or to anyone you know is going to the meeting. As you’ve heard from us before, we have to have a quorum by law to even hold the dang meeting.

Be thinking about volunteering for the Board of Directors for this next term. I’m serious! Everybody who lives here needs to help here. Go ahead. Give it a whirl. We have fun. Many opinions are good. New blood is always a good thing. You can volunteer ahead of the meeting, during the meeting, or nominate from the floor someone else who you think might do a good job.

Gates are being upgraded and reprogrammed. Walk down to the pool and check it out. Our gate system is being reprogrammed, we will use our same code for the entrance gates but we will be getting new clickies.

And speaking of upgrades, PHASE THREE is about to get gorgeous, or let’s call it tidy, or tidier. Discing, grading, debris picked up….tidy! Neat! Beautified! Pick your own adjective, Oscar/Felix. And speaking of tidy, could whoever is throwing beer cans down the slope from the pool cart path please take your cans home with you? Pick up after yourself. Your mother doesn’t live here. Or…..if she does, send her down the slope to pick up your beer cans. Thanks so much.


Next BoD meeting is Feb 13, 2:00 @ 32462 River Island Ln.
Be there or be square.
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