January 2017


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A modicum of appreciation can go a very long way. (K.Baird)

I once told my ex-husband those very words, nothing changed, but I tried. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, appreciation is elusive. But we have an appreciation letter here from Steve and Vicki. Yaaay! Behold:

For the Tributary: Steve and I would like to thank Mike Mahoney for spending 2-3 hours digging in the mud to help the drainage problem that is beside our lot. Mike does so many things to help our neighborhood, unnoticed and certainly not compensated for. I know he and the board must have spent much time selecting our new landscape people. Thank you so much for your time and all that does to enhance our neighborhood.
Vicki and Steve Brown

All reports regarding the new Landscape Maintenance team are positive! They are hard workers and doing a great job. Their scheduled days at RIE are Wed and Thur. Oh, and they are real nice!   Real!   Nice!

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Itsy bitsy spiders are not sliding down our water spouts. Many homes have clogged rain gutters which spill over the rim of the gutters forming puddles around the house. Tiny beavers are up there building tiny little dams. It is the home owner’s responsibility to keep their rain gutters flowing. I don’t recommend climbing a ladder at this age (not naming names), but you’re going to have to figure something out, like hiring it done perhaps. Or put up with the flooding that will occur for you and your neighbors. Another thing about rain spouts; even if your gutters are sparkling clean and the down spouts well attached, the water needs somewhere to go when it reaches the ground. Water still doesn’t flow up hill, we’ll have to talk to Newton about that. Make sure you have a thingie attached to the down spout that carries the water in a downward path, not onto your neighbor’s property. Help it find its way to the street. Remember: down.

Repairs at the pool are complete, all looks good, opens in May. Hope the rain stops by then. Who thinks the small hill right outside our main gate will be orange with poppies by March? The weather must be making our gates cranky. Tell your guests to punch the temperamental gate codes slooowly and deliberately. Ohhhmmmm.

And of course, bring your hineys to the Big Fat Annual Meeting Feb 19th, 2:00 @ RICC. Remember to bring your waldos (or member numbers) too if you want to order something from the bar. Be there or be square! Send in your proxy if you absolutely can’t make it. We need a quorum! Thank you.

Next BoD meeting 2PM, Tuesda y, Feb 14 , 2016 @ 32462 River Island Ln

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