IMPORTANT NOTICE: Portal Payment Improvement



Community Financials is upgrading our online portals free of charge on May 1st.

You will be receiving notice from Community Financials with the updated information below:

Improvements & New Features:

  • Easier registration with multiple options including entering account #, email or phone #
  • Single sign-on to online payment provider at 1st registration instead of 2 separate steps
  • Ability to link an additional lot or unit under the same email
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and important contact information
  • Improved opt-in Owner Directory
  • Ability for Customer Service to “imitate” and view client’s login issues


When: Starting May 1.

You will want to go to the URL link:

(Tip: save/bookmark this for future reference)


NOTE: This will not impact any online auto-payment you have previously set up.

Community Financials apologizes for the inconvenience of this extra step while they are providing an improvement of your experience.

The information that we have received is posted on our website at this link:

Community Financial Notice


Thank you!
River Island East Board of Directors

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