Notice: New Gate Remotes



The entrance gates have been upgraded with a new remote system. This will require a new remote to access through vehicle entrances at the Main & West Gates.

The remotes will be available for pick up, Monday, April 30th at Epicenter Management, located at 31910 Country Club Drive, hours will be Monday – Friday 12 Noon – 5PM Contact Rita with any questions at 559-793-2685.

Each homeowner will receive one remote in exchange for your old remote. Additional remotes are available for $40 each. Limit 2 remotes per developed residential home lot.

HOMEOWNERS are responsible for the remotes. If you have renters that would like a remote, the renter will need to request it from the Homeowner or Property Manager. The renter will be required to provide the Gate Code Access Form, if one is not already on file. When the tenant vacates the rental unit, the assigned remote will be deactivated upon notification from the Homeowner or manager. It will be reactivated when the Owner/Property manager contacts Epicenter Management to be reprogrammed using the new tenant’s gate code form information.

Old remotes will be deactivated on June 1, 2018 and will no longer work in the new system

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Board of Directors
River Island East, HOA

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