February 2019

River Island East Home Owners Association http://riehoa.com February 2019
Why do drugs after age 60 when you can just stand up too fast? (Anonymous)
First up at our really really big shoow (thank you Ed Sullivan) the Annual Meeting Feb 10th, was Tim Carothers, Plant Health Care Manager and Master Arborist, explaining to us the importance of pruning our trees according to best management practices to promote safe, healthy, well-structured trees. In this beautiful, rolling riparian community of ours, we are dedicated to being responsible stewards of our urban forest. And it shows….. for the most part. If you pay attention to such events, you may have noticed that there are a few, very few thankfully, trees that have been amputated willy nilly along the branches. What this does is create a pruning nightmare for the homeowner in the future. It weakens the tree and the attachment of the new branches which will begin their lives as suckers (sucka!). The bottom line here is this: find a qualified arborist (ask to see his certification) to trim your trees, not a guy who happens to own a pickup and a chainsaw. Not the same thing.

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