February 2017


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Your brain is doing some great work when it’s laughing.   (John Scieszka) 

Go to the website above to check out all things RIE and see new pix that are added regularly. It’s fun! We look good and smart and talented and capable and lovely.

The Big Fat Annual Meeting went swimmingly last weekend, although we had waaaay too much food. Nobody got exercised in a bad way and we all left feeling pretty good about where we are as an association in our little oasis of peace on the planet. We’re in good shape.  I’m sure that’s the only reason that there were no nominations or volunteers for the out-going Board Member positions. The three members whose terms were up agreed to stay on, Mike Mahoney, Oma Mansfield, & Kathy Slechta. Just a thought here, we can’t expect them to stay on the BoD indefinitely. Somebody is going  to have to step up. You could be thinking of taking a turn next year when 2 more positions open up. Next Big Fat Annual Meeting scheduled for 2/18/18.

Outa sight outa mind. Well, not really so much for your neighbors. One of the reasons we love RIE so much is that it’s almost always well-groomed and kept nice with outstanding views and ambiance. Remember how long it took to get the front entrance looking nice and how much better we felt just driving in? Calm over chaos. There are a few more individual pockets of chaos that need to get cleaned up and put away. Membership Obligations in the Rules & Regs and CC&Rs state: Unsightly objects (including, but not limited to, laundry, mops, appliances and bicycles) shall not be placed or stored on a balcony or patio or where they may be seen by other Members or by the public in general. Children’s toys, bicycles, and sporting equipment must be stored after use”. In other words, just because you can’t see it while sitting in your living room doesn’t mean it’s not there. Your neighbors can see it and it’s not pretty. No storage and no storage structures are permitted on the exterior of your home. You must put everything you own in your house or in your garage.

This goes hand in hand with Trash Container storage. All trash containers shall be hidden from sight either in a garage or behind an approved fence enclosure. See the Board of Directors and/or the website regarding architecture application for such enclosures. There are several trash cans around the neighborhood that need to find a hidey home. Just because the lot right next to you doesn’t have a house on it, doesn’t mean you get to store your trash cans, vehicles or anything else there. Tell your renters please.

Next BoD meeting 2PM, Tues Mar 14, 2017 @ 32462 River Island Ln

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