December 2019


River Island East Homeowners Association December 2019

“I haven’t tried yoga, but I have tried bending over to pick up my keys so I’m pretty sure I’d hate yoga “. Anonymous

I know they can seem frustratingly stupid and slow (ohmmm) but our gates are really quite smart. Bring your knitting, nail polish, sock darning projects, etc so you’ll have something to do while you wait for the gates to
open. When our weather is super soupy foggy, the gates figure that out and remain open so we can all make it home from whatever fa-la-la ing we’ve been doing either up or down the hill. Additional gate smarts: if there is a power outage, they will open and stay open until the outage is corrected.

When folks live in a gated community, it can create a false sense of security too. Break-ins are still occurring in the community despite our best warnings to use caution. Keep your vehicles locked at all times. Don’t leave wallets, purses, computers or anything of value in the vehicle even if you’ve locked it. These thieves are not afraid to break a window to gain access.

We had a House Burglary at Oma’s while she was out of town….what a violation! One speculation is that all these violations may be an inside job so please keep your eyes peeled for your neighbor’s properties and they will do the same for you. If you see any monkey business, call the Sheriff (559) 733-6219.

Sooooo, what do we do about this other than the obvious? Cameras at the gates? Some really smart people have already installed cameras at their homes which is probably a good idea that we should all personally consider. Times are changing, unfortunately, personal violations are more and more common. If anyone would like to serve on a task force to attack this problem and look for ideas as a community, please call Rita Franco and give her your name (559) 793-2685.

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