December 2017

River Island East Home Owners Association December. 2017

The sunlight claps the earth, and the moonbeams kiss the sea: what are all these kissings worth, if thou kiss not me? (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Many kisses 😘 are in order around our community! First to Horace and Shirley Wells for organizing a great fun Christmas parade. Three cheers!!! Santa and Mrs Claus appeared in a beautiful sleigh that was hardly recognizable as a golf cart and we were escorted, front and back by sheriff cars with ‘bubblegum’ lights and sirens.

We especially enjoyed our stop at the Dixons 😘 who served Fireballs, Eggnogs and _________ curbside! Kisses to all participants in that endeavor.

😘 Next kisses go to Jane Drumright for replacing the U.S. flags at both gates.

Last but not least, anonymous kisses go to whoever 😘 placed the lovely wreaths at each gate.

On a less thankful note, two autos were breached this past month. It seems the thieves walked in on foot and stole garage/gate remotes, sometimes known as “clickies” from 2 cars that were not locked. Lesson here is: if you don’t store your cars in a locked garage then please lock your cars. Clickies in the hands of outsiders put us all at risk.

Not a green dump. Regarding the thistle bank on the downslope below the Phase 2 mailboxes…. A time or 2 when palm fronds and palm petioles have been chipped after pruning, they were purposely dumped on the thistles.

Purposely dumped because palm fronds kill the nasty little pokey, ugly things. I mention this info tidbit so this ex-thistle area is not mistaken for a green dump where we can all throw our green waste after we’ve done some personal pruning. (I’d advise being especially careful with that personal pruning….. for obvious reasons.)

Our landscape contractor will haul off any self-pruning waste you have generated from week-end warrior gardening if you place it on the curb the morning of Wednesday or Thursday when the Landscape peeps show up for their regular work. However… if you have your own landscaper do some pruning on your property, that landscaper has to haul off the green waste themselves.

Next Board Meeting: January 9, 2018 @ 32462 River Island Lane

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