December 2016


River Island East Home Owners Association, December 2016

If ever you find yourself in the place of a double negative, I think you should pull up your skirt and run like hell.   (Jill M Peter)

The First Annual (I’ve always chuckled at that statement. It’s so hopeful.) Golf Cart Parade of Lights was a roaring success. Saturday, Dec 17 inspiration happened in River Island. Residents decorated their golf carts with holiday cheer and paraded around the community led by the sheriff’s car spinning its red lights. John Adams in his 1929 Ford Model A Tudor sedan driving Santa Claus himself pulled up the rear. People are still raving, some folks came out to watch, serving their own brand of happiness. Carmen’s cart was so light bedazzled, thanks to Chris Kaylor, she could hardly see to drive. The buzz is that next year we are doubling down and may even have judges so get ready to get ready at the after-season sales. Open, open, open.

New Landscape Maintenance Crew will begin the job here as of January 1st. Roberto Silva will be the new contractor. He comes highly recommended by his current clients, is real nice and anxious to start. (happy face)

The Pool Repair Project is done. You can hardly tell by looking that someone got lost and drove into the pool instead of their own driveway! In the words of a neighbor, “That must’ve been one hell of a party!”  (crooked eyes happy face)

Gate Committee: “Excuse me, excuse me, “Would you let me outta here?” If the power goes out and no one has opened the main gate yet, you can get out thru the West Gate by pushing it open. Don’t panic if you are unable to get that done. One of your neighbors will help. Mervin says we should all be helping out our neighbors in any way we can anyway. Take a look around and see if anyone needs help with anything, then Step up. We get by with a little help from our friends. (Ringo Starr 1967)

Our Big Fat Annual Meeting is being held on February 19 at 2:00 pm in the River Island Country Club. Snacks will be provided. The bar will be open but it’s up to you to pay so bring your waldo. We need a quorum at this meeting so please also bring your hiney and put it in a chair. If you absolutely can’t, sign the Proxy that will be in your packet arriving by snail mail and give it to anybody you know who is attending. New issues need discussing, good things are happening all around, come be part of the community. It’s only as good as we all make it. You know you’re not doing anything February 19th anyway. Super Bowl fans, please thank the BoD for not picking the play off weekend this year, thank you very much. (happy face on a football)

Next BoD meeting 2PM, Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 @ 32462 River Island Ln

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