August 2019

River Island East Homeowners Association August 2019

There is no civilization that did not begin with art, Whether it was drawing a line in the sand,
painting a cave or dancing. (Toni Morrison)

Keep your eyes peeled; we are getting new signs all around the neighborhood soon. There will be signs added to the guest parking lots as well this time to remind us that those spots are for guest parking only. While we’re discussing parking, please remember that there is no street parking allowed in River Island East and it’s not okay to park your cars on vacant lots. This is not Tooleville.  If your car is parked in the street and gets hit by someone driving on that street, you could be at fault and responsible for damages to both cars.

The pool is back in business again. And welcome it is with these hot temps haunting us thru August. Will we ever get a break? We are still rocking out (aqua aerobics) with the Commitments Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:00. Come join the fun while getting some exercise and feel so much better about yourself. All members and their guests are welcome.

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