August 2017


River Island East Home Owners Association  August 2017

Some people should use a glue stick instead of chapstick.

Ok, how are the meals at RICC going? Are any of you non-RICC members taking advantage of the opportunity to go to the club for a meal? If we flood them with participation, I think they’ll be more inclined to keep it going. Win, win, win! If our participation can exert a little influence to that end, good for us! Go ahead; give it a whirl. In fact, keep whirling, make it work. Their food is outstanding; just ask Jay and Gail who eat there, I think, every morning  😋.

“They were yelling in my eye!!” So spoke my mother, Helen Thompson, after leaving a Strathmore High basketball game where I was cheerleading. We knew she meant ‘ear’ but we never let her forget the mistake. Those of you who have Construction Noise from remodeling projects, please insist the workers do not start work before 7 AM and stop at 5 PM. Your neighbors are starting to complain about saws and hammers at all hours pounding in their eyes and they have a right to quiet enjoyment. Thank you.

Let’s discuss the scope of work that our Landscape Maintenance Co is contracted to do. They do all common area mowing, edging, weeding, trimming and clearance. As to our individual parcels, it’s a different story. They are supposed to mow and edge our lawns, some weed pulling but not detail weeding; they’ll do some pruning of trees and bushes for ‘clearance’ purposes only. They are not our personal gardeners. Some residents hire outside help to perform other yard care tasks. Our maintenance crew will repair a sprinkler head if they broke it. Other irrigation issues, are your responsibility. They will not mow yards where dog poo has not been picked up. Yuck!

And speaking of yuck; let’s segue to the BUTTS in our community. I’m speaking to all you butt suckers (smokers) now. The landscape is not your ashtray! It’s getting gross at the swimming pool and in various gutters around the community. Please take your butts home with you, and I don’t mean your spouse. Those of you who know you’re guilty could go a long way to restitution if you’d go down to the pool and pick up what you threw down, especially in the area by the bathrooms. Thank you. We’ll love you again.

The HOA does not allow kids playing in the street even with skates and skateboards. Sorry, but you’ve got to keep your kids confined to play on your own property. We don’t have sidewalks, you may have noticed, and playing in the street is dangerous. If you moved here thinking you and your kids could play in the streets or on the golf course property, It’s just not ok!

Next BoD meeting is scheduled for Sept 19, 2017, 32462 River Island Ln

editor: kathy mahoney…….


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