August 2016


River Island East Home Owners Association August 2016

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.  (Dr Seuss) 

POOL Parties have been occurring down at our pool occasionally. Weird thing is when any of us go there unannounced, not one resident can be spotted. It appears that sometimes the events are held in the pool parking lot and we find beer cans strewn down the slope toward the river. So, obviously these are mature, high class individuals and we should be offended that we didn’t receive our invitations! Hey, I like beer.
Two deterrents have been proposed: One is to put a keypad on the pool gate like the keypads at the entry gates. Since that system is computerized we can track whose number code was used to enter the pool and figure out where the wikileak is.
Additionally, the Board is collecting bids for extending the height of the fence and possibly putting little pokey things on top. One suggestion from the Peanut Gallery was to put electrified razor wire on top. Not sure, but I don’t think that’s a real option considering the expense. It’d be great entertainment though, wouldn’t it?  We will need to close the pool again for repairs from the Auto accident. That will happen after the hot weather so swim away for the time being. Our Board has been working closely with insurance to get the work completed.

Oh no, Mr. Bill.  Some lot/home owners are still not paying their dues bills or not paying them in full. This is always a head scratcher to me. I’m paying my dues. We all get benefits of living in this community. Why aren’t you paying yours? Just a heads-up, more demand letters are being crafted as I write. For those of you who will be receiving these letters, please be aware that the next step will be to settle the issue in small claims court and/or to lien your property so that it cannot be sold until the lien is settled.

Apparently our WWTP does not have a way of automatically removing solid products from the system. Water Dynamics has been cleaning it out manually costing us extra $$$. The BoD has elected to have an automatic system installed that will make it more cost effective in the future. It will use a bit of our reserve account but will not cause an assessment to the residents. Hooray! Apparently old dogs can learn new tricks.

We have a fancy new look on our website, Go take a look. There’s a new bulletin board tab that shows our recent Meetings and any Notices or items that are posted on our physical bulletin boards. In the future you’ll start seeing more emails that will alert you to the meetings and postings.

Dollar General Store Public Meeting: September 28, 2016 – 9:00 AM at Board of Chambers. 2800 West Burrel Ave. Visalia, CA. Please feel free to contact Hector Guerra, Tulare County, Chief Environmental Planner with any concerns. 559-624-7121. Email

Next BoD meeting 2PM, Tues September 28, 2016 @ 32462 River Island Ln Editor: kathy mahoney …….

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