April 2018

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The problem with aging is not that it’s one damn thing after another—it’s every damn thing, all at once, all the time. (John Scalzi)

Water Aerobics So let’s get in shape, cough, cough, cough. I’m busting out the boom box, the pool floaties, and huge brimmed sun hat. Pull your bikinis and speedos (ha! 🤣) out of the bottom drawer, slather up with sunscreen and get to the pool by 10 AM Tuesdays and Fridays ‘cuz the pool opens in May and classes begin May 4th. Remember to bring drinking water to keep hydrated. One of my favorite quotes: “standing knee deep in a river and drowning of thirst.”

It is time to consider Spring Fling potluck get together at the pool we have every May. A few volunteers are needed to organize and rally the group and potluck dishes. How about scheduling it for May 5th and using a Cinco de Mayo theme? Cellars and Chefs is happening at the RICC clubhouse May 6th so we don’t want to compete with that hullabaloo.

Regarding our social activities like Halloween, Xmas parade and the Pool Party each year are all spectacular, fun events and whole heartedly endorsed by the Board….. but not organized, managed or directed by the Board. They have other responsibilities. Before, during and after the social events y’all need to find volunteers among yourselves to make it happen. We hope you do because it’s always fun!

Election of Corporate Officers Big “thank you” to Jean Bailey who volunteered to sit on the Board in place of Mervin James. I doubt she has a baseball bat to enforce the rules so we may have to call on Mervin to show up with his bat on special occasions. The Officer election left all the returning Board members in their existing roles.

Michael Mahoney…..POTHOA

Kathy Slechta………..Veep

Oma Mansfield………Treasurer

Joan Huffaker………..Secretary

Jean Bailey……………Member at Large

Huge thank you and debt of gratitude to all five of you for your willingness to work in the effort to keep our community lovely and thriving. 💋

New gate remotes are available to coordinate with the gate upgrades. Each household gets one unless you want to buy more at a cost of $40 each. If you trade in your old defunct remote, the first one’s free. Call Rita at 559-793-2685. She’ll give you the low down. Do it before June 1st when all old remotes will be disabled. (Rita will be out of the office the week of Apr 23-27)

At least you won’t have to worry about getting locked forever in the pool area now ‘cuz you forgot to bring the key in with you. However; you do have to flog the failing brain cells long enough to remember your code. One more thing to add to the confusion… the pedestrian gate is a little different. At that gate use your code but put the # sign after the numbers.

I can’t believe we have to say this again! Dog poop is decorating the neighborhood. It’s not pretty. In fact it’s pretty disgusting. Do not let your dog off your property without a leash that has you on the other end with a poop bag in your pocket. I don’t understand the morality of people who let their neighbors deal with picking up the poop while the dog owner looks the other way. Just don’t get it.


Next BoD meeting May 8, 2018 in the same ol’ place 32462 River Island Lane, 2:00pm.

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