March 2016

Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. (Henry James)

Dig out your swim suits, sunscreen, sun hats and your cute new flip flops with the flowers on the toe; we’re having a POOL PARTY! May 15th 4:00 PM. Vicki Brown has been knocking herself out organizing the tah-do-dah. There will be a wine bar stationed outside the gate, of course. Don’t know about you but I usually reveal my “hick” roots by putting ice in my wine on a hot day so I will personally see that ice attends the party as well. It will be served in plastic glasses so you can wander. Rules have not morphed, glass is still not ok for the pool area. Everyone please bring an appetizer and if you don’t want wine, bring whatever you want to drink. Just make sure it is in plastic.

The recent rain has been a fabulous occurrence this season. I’m so sick of hearing the “D” word, there is some sense of relief. I know, I know, the ‘d’word is not over. I just hope we can stop talking about it for a while.

Let’s talk about the Dollar General store one more time. Keep an eye on the bulletin boards. Contact info will be posted regarding who should receive your letters/emails if you’re still in a writing mood. The Board Members have all sent letters on their own as individuals and are not excited about putting their names on someone else’s words. They like their own words just fine. They encourage y’all to keep writing and calling.

We have to talk about this nasty Flushing mess again too. I have spoken about this before but apparently, some people aren’t reading The Tributary. Can you believe that? I can’t imagine why. What did I do wrong?  We are expecting expensive bills from Water Dynamics because some of us are flushing all kinds of things down the toilet. Bad us. Here’s the partial list: No sanitary products. No diapers. (Really?) No hair wads (put them in the trash). Use paper only to clean yourself.  Anything else you’re considering flushing away, don’t do it! And……speaking of toilets.

Do I really need to remind you that other people’s yards are not there for your dog’s toilet activities? We have had complaints. Also vomitosis.
Remember the three “P”s. If it’s Poo or Puke, Pick it up!!!

Those of you Dudes and Dudettes with dues in arrears, no matter the amount, pick up a pen and write a check to the HOA. The rest of us are paying our dues! In order to assist you with this, you will be receiving a Demand Letter soon that will give you a sweet reminder that you have 10 days to pay up or legal action to lien your property will commence. We’ve asked nice (thank you, Jack Nicholson) a thousand times. Well, no more Mr. NiceGuy!

And on that final note I’m headed to Puerto Vallarta to plant my you-know-what in the warm Mexican sand, swim the turquoise waters and sip cold, salty margaritas. Adios!

Next BoD meeting 2PM, Tues May 10, 2016 @ 32462 River Island Ln

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